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“Best looking bathroom I have ever had. Thank you so much!"

Howard T.

Welcome To Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS

Hello, and welcome to Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS. The best company in the area to assist you with your local Topeka bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS strives to make sure we consistently address and find solutions to any problem or concern that may arise for you during the course of your bathroom remodel in Topeka KS.

We understand that a bathroom renovation in Topeka KS can seem overwhelming in the very beginning. But that is why we are here to help you every step of the way!

Whether you have questions about Topeka remodeling contractors, need small bathroom remodel ideas, or are concerned with your budget regarding the average cost of bathroom remodel prices we make sure to have solutions in place to assist you.

So let us first address the fact that you have questions you need to be answered before you begin employing services. You may have questions like are there any bathroom remodelers near me, how much is a bathroom remodel, and who are the best quality bathroom remodeling companies Topeka KS has available?

Our website is dedicated to answering these questions and so are our employees. So call us today with questions or concerns you may have. Also, call to schedule your free consultation today!

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About Us

Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS has been assisting customers in need of quality remodeling contractors in Topeka KS for years. We are ready to share our knowledge with you and help make your bathroom remodeling ideas a reality.

This local Topeka bathroom remodeling company is ready to serve you with competitive prices, a wide variety of services, all with a smile on our face with our outstanding customer service.

Our company offers services for any size bathroom. We offer services for a small bathroom remodel, or a master bathroom remodel. We also offer services for small remodeling projects such as a bathroom shower remodel, and bathtub remodel such as the highest quality walk-in tubs Topeka KS has ever seen.

Our company is dedicated to a set of core values that we focus on during every customer interaction. This gives our employees a good strong foundation when speaking to any customer so we know that we are consistently giving good customer service and finishing your remodel with our famous quality work.

If you want to discover for yourself what sets us apart from other bathroom remodeling companies then sign up today for your free consultation. You can work with one of our amazing employees and see for yourself that we have a team that is not only dedicated but knowledgeable in our field. You can have all of this without taking a risk to your budget or bank account.

Why Choose Us?

Over the years, we have built a strong foundation of trust in the bathroom remodeling Topeka KS community. We strive every day to remind our customers just why they can trust our opinions and knowledge. If you are still unsure about our values and quality please take a moment to read through our customer testimonials.

Our company has based our services around three core-values that we created when we were first founded and we teach these values to each employee as they begin to work with us.

These values are:

  • Dedication
  • Hard-work
  • Responsibility

As a company for bathroom remodeling in Topeka KS, we need to make sure we are consistently dedicated to our work. This brings about a sense of importance in our employees as we strive to always deliver the highest quality result as your remodel comes to an end.

Our employees are expected to always show their dedication through hard-work. Always working at a consistent pace to make sure the project is completed on time. We also always want the finished product to look and feel as wonderful as you had always imagined in your mind.

Finally, we want our employees to accept a degree of responsibility as they work with our community. We expect our employees to show up at every appointment on time. We also expect that they conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner.

All of this will bring about the best quality bath remodel Topeka KS has ever seen. Except we want this feeling portrayed through every customer we help.

What to Expect

As you begin your bath remodeling in Topeka KS you will need to first have some ideas of your own. This way we can be sure we are delivering a product to you that lines up with the expectations you have created in your mind for your new bathroom.

If you are struggling to come up with some ideas of your own, then take some time to look online or through magazines to find images and products you would like to own in your bathroom in the very near future.

Is there a particular color you like for paint or tile? Is there a certain style of shower or vanity you have seen several times over that you think would look particularly good in your bathroom? Great, bring those pictures in! Let us design the perfect bathroom together!

We will also want to visit the bathroom you wish to remodel. We will want to take measurements and view the current state of the bathroom. This will allow us to assess the overall price and time-frame for your completed remodel.

Soon after we have decided on fixtures, and materials the remodel will begin. This can be concluded quickly depending on the type of remodel and depending on if certain tasks need to be completed such as new wiring or plumbing.



Full Bathroom Remodel

If you are simply tired of your bathroom and want to design a bathroom just for you then consider our full bathroom remodel service. We can assist with designs and materials to make your dream bathroom a reality. With brand new fixtures, lights, tile, paint, and more we can make your current bathroom feel brand new!


Bath Conversions

If remodeling your current bathroom is not a project you are willing to take on quite yet, then consider our bath conversions service. This small yet effective service is one small way to make your bathroom feel brand new. We can replace your old tub with a brand new shower designed by you!


Master Bathroom Remodel

If you are the owner of a master bathroom in your home, then consider our master bathroom remodel service. We can replace your old tub, add new lights, paint, tile, a vanity, and so much more! Be the proud owner of a new master bathroom with our master bathroom remodel service.


Small Bathroom Remodel

Our small bathroom remodel service is one way to easily make a statement about the quality of your home overall. We can replace your toilet and sink with ones that are sure to catch the attention of guests or potential buyers. Call and inquire about our small bathroom remodel service today!


Walk-in Tubs/Showers.

You or someone you love may be struggling with the safety concerns of entering or exiting your current tub. If this is an issue then consider our walk-in tubs and showers service. With this service, we can replace your old tub eliminating the risk of a fall as you step over a high step and onto a wet floor. Simply open the watertight door to your new tub and step safely over a low step and enjoy your bath!


And More!

  • Lighting
  • Backsplash
  • Countertops
  • Sinks
  • Showerheads
  • And much much more!

About Topeka Kansas

Topeka is the capital city of Kansas. Topeka is home to the Brown V. Board of Education National Historic Site to commemorate the end of segregation in 1954. It contains photos and exhibits.

The current population is 125,092. The current unemployment rate is 4.0% while the national average is 3.7%. The current sales tax rate is 9.2% while the national average is 6.2%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • Tecumseh
  • Berryton
  • Silver Lake
  • Auburn
  • Rossville
  • Wakarusa
  • Meriden
  • Grantville
  • And many more areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

This can be a difficult question to answer without knowing specifics as to your overall goals with your remodel. It can change depending on the size of your remodel. Different types of materials such as tile and fixtures can impact the price as well. Your best option is to schedule your free consultation and discuss this with one of our employees.

Is ventilation important in a bathroom?

Ventilation is very important in a bathroom. Without it, you run the risk of creating mold and mildew problems which can cause many more problems in your future. It is best to try to fight this as best as you can from the very beginning with a good ventilation system.

Do I absolutely need to have a tub in my bathroom?

No, not at all. If you do not have another bathroom in the house with a tub we would recommend you have one. But if you do have a tub already we can remove your current tub and replace it with a walk-in shower. You can pick out a specific tile and design you like and choose a functional shower that best fits your needs.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I love my new bathroom! Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS helped me to design a completely new bathroom based on my own ideas. We changed the vanity, replaced the tub, added new tile, and lots of other fun changes. Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in to my bathroom for me, it is absolutely perfect!

Rachel D.

We have been wanting to remodel our bathroom for quite some time but never committed to it. Finally, we scheduled a time to meet with Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS and we loved the ideas and price they gave us for our remodel. They made it look so good, I cannot express how impressed I am with their work. We should have hired them ages ago.

Karrie H.

When I moved into my house I knew it was a fixer-upper sort of project. The last place I decided to work on was the bathroom. If I knew how well these guys worked I would have remodeled the bathroom first. I had no idea a bathroom that did not function well could cause so many problems until I was in my newly remodeled bathroom. They did an amazing job and I can’t believe I get to relax in this bathroom every day. I am particularly fond of my new bathtub. Five stars you guys you did an amazing job.

Isabelle H.

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At the end of the day, our employees and our company as a whole are here for you. Our customers’ satisfaction has always come first. We want you to love your new bathroom from the moment you first walk in and love it years after the remodel has been completed.

Call Bathroom Remodel Topeka KS today and schedule your free consultation. We will begin work on designs and discuss your ideas for your remodel to make your dream bathroom a reality. Call us today!

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